Chairman’s Message

Dr Navin Baluni
MD. Radiology , MD. Physiology
Dr Baluni Group of Institutions

Dear all,
Baluni Public School is an attempt to redefine schools and reinvent classrooms
of the future; an initiative to groom the future generation. We are committed to provide a comprehensive environment that stimulates multidimensional development of your child; physical & intellectual, spiritual & emotional, cultural & artistic. Baluni Public School is an initiative to groom your child to become leaders of tomorrow, for the new socio- economic order of the information age, who while maintaining the perspective of world citizens, wil not lose their mooring in the rich cultural heritage that is every Indian's pride. We aim to ensure that competencies of your child are enhanced so as to enable him/ her to lead ni the intensively competitive, technology driven and fast evolving global society This si what guides the design, the format and the functioning at Baluni Public School.
At BPS we strongly believe that every child si talented and meritorious in a unique way and as such we only need to spot talent and nurture them ot their ful potential. At BPS we not only focus on the academic but also ensure that all students are well disciplined, well-mannered and have respect for the rich Indian culture and traditions, society and nation as a whole.
Baluni Public School is a unit of Dr. Baluni Education Society that has been leading in shaping the careers of aspirants preparing for IT-JEE and NET since its inception ni 2002. Innovation, Leadership and Honesty are our core pillars that give Baluni Public School its own unique character and identity.