What is XSEED

A Learning Classroom

The 5-Step Teaching Method

XSEED teachers begin a class by clearly stating the learning goal, ask children what they know already, demonstrate an experiment or conduct a group activity, let children speak before they do, ensure the “application questions” are done independently, fiercely believe in practice, assess daily, and support each child individually.

  1. Aim –  Clarify the outcome of every lesson so students know before hand what they will learn.
  2. Action – Perform an activity to experience concepts first – hand and understand there use and application in real life.
  3. Analysis – Reflect on the experience and ask probing questions to uncover and understand the concept further.
  4. Application – Practice solving real world problems in the workbook to solidify understading and build skills.
  5. Assessment – Get real-time feedback across conceptual understanding, applied thinking & English language fluency in order to improve performance.